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Seamless Delivery, Perfected Finish.

As the premier mobile auto detail service in West Chester, PA, our goal at Driven Auto Spa is to provide our clients with the ultimate experience in car care.  We look forward to sharing our passion with car enthusiasts and work diligently to gain client trust and loyalty throughout the entire process. We strive to offer a flexible schedule to meet the availability of every client. Our fully mobile platform allows our experienced staff to personally deliver a custom car experience, from residential property locations, corporate facilities, and especially country club affiliations whereby members cars are serviced during their round of golf.   

Problems arise during daily car use and fixing said imperfections is an inconvenience we are here to solve. Using our seamless scheduling process, correction, protection, and maintenance, is at the ease of your fingertips. Going days or even hours without your vehicle is a staple of the past due to our mobile platform. After just one visit, we plan to build a personal relationship with you and your car to provide a sense of trust each time our detailing process is completed. Our ambition is to develop a convenient routine with our clients to insure that their vehicle is kept to their highest standard at all times.

Our three step approach is to guarantee safe removal of all paint imperfections, provide protection against future exterior blemishes and to maintain your vehicle in a way that is designed to insure a long-lasting finish and brilliant appearance.

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Our Process


Exterior blemishes are removed from the paint surface.

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Apply the finest cQuartz nano-ceramic surface protection.

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Continually maintain the interior exterior of your vehicle to the highest standard..

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