Exterior paint correction includes all services listed in the executive hand wash.

Exterior paint is pre-rinsed of all loose contaminants and pollen that may scratch paint before soaping. Tires, wheels and wheel wells thoroughly cleaned of any break dust using pH balanced product. Vehicle is foamed then carefully washed with a 100% microfiber wash mitt using the two bucket method with grit guards. All painted surfaces are meticulously clayed to remove any embedded contaminants, then rinsed. Vehicle is hand dried with ultra-soft, scratch free micro-fiber ‘waffle’ towel. Trim pieces and sensitive areas are tapped to avoid damage. A paint depth gauge is used to determine this thickness of the paint prior to cutting. A range of silicone free compounds and polishes are then applied with a state of the art duel action orbital buffer to refine the surface and correct all imperfections leaving depth and shine. Panels are wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils from the polishing process, revealing true paint finish. Then we apply a Carnauba wax, Synthetic Sealant or Ceramic Coating is applied for additional paint depth and protection. Plastic trim pieces are rejuvenated, and tires are conditioned with a water based dressing. Entire exterior of car is examined with a high powered LED light to guarantee paint is imperfection free and coating is flawless

Prices are based on vehicle external surfaces in normal wear condition. Final price will be dependent on the actual paint condition, color of the vehicle and the severity of the imperfections determined during a pre-service inspection.

Coupes & Convertibles $300.00
Sedans & Crossovers $350.00
SUVs & Small Trucks $400.00
Oversized Vehicles “third-row seating” $450.00


Interior detailing includes all services listed in the executive hand wash.

Entire interior is blown out with pressurized air, including between, underneath and cracks of the seats and panels before vacuuming. Seats moved forward and backwards for seat-tracks to be cleaned of all debris. Vacuum all carpets and surfaces, and clean the dashboard, center console and door panels completely cleaned of all grime and scuff marks. Leather seats, steering wheel, and gear shift are deep cleaned and conditioned for long lasting protection and soft feel. Headliner and pillars inspected and cleaned of any stains or grime. Visors cleaned and mirrors wiped free of any streaks. Seat belts are pulled out and cleaned. Spills or stains in carpeting are removed with specialized, automotive stain remover. Floor mats are sprayed with a specialized carpet foam to ensure a deep clean and then machine agitated. Trunk and cargo areas meticulously cleaned. Lines placed in all carpeting and floor mats to really set the vehicle off with a fresh look. Interior windows are wiped clean of all streaks and haze. Entire interior is examined with a high-powered LED light to guarantee no streaks in windows or debris is left behind

Driven Auto Spa will only use silicon or  petroleum products to “Dress”  a vehicles interior upon customers request.  However, it is not recommended.

Prices are based on vehicle interiors in normal wear condition.  Vehicles heavily soiled (including excessive beach sand or animal hair) may incur an additional expense.

Coupes & Convertibles $225.00
Sedans & Crossovers $245.00
SUVs & Small Trucks $285.00
Oversized Vehicles “third-row seating” $300.00