We recommend a full detail prior to this service.

Exterior surface is pre-rinsed of all loose contaminants including pollen that may scratch paint before soaping. Vehicle is foamed then carefully washed with a microfiber wash mitt using two bucket method with grit guards. Door jams are cleaned. Tires, wheels and wheel wells thoroughly cleaned of any brake dust then wiped clean using a pH balanced product. Vehicle is rinsed then hand dried using ultra-soft, scratch free micro fiber towel. Any additional water trapped in seams, door jams and wheels is dried with pressurized air. Tires are conditioned with water based dressing. A layer of spray wax is applied to all paint surfaces for extra protection and hydration. Entire interior is blown out with pressurized air, including between, underneath and cracks of the seats before vacuuming. Vacuum all carpets and surfaces. Dashboard, center console and door panels are dusted and wiped clean. Minor spills or stains are removed. Lines  are then placed in carpeting. Windows are then completely wiped free of streaks or haze.  Finally, the car is examined with a high powered LED light to guarantee no streaks in windows or dirt is left behind. For the ceramic coating process, the car is layered with a paint protection product, and this allows for a scratch and chemical resistance while upholding a level of gloss, and durability that CQuartz can only achieve. This product can only be applied by a trained detailed professional.

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“I use Driven Auto Spa exclusively for all my automobiles. I have used other detailers in the past, but, their work did not compare toDriven. They arrive when they are supposed to, and, they get the job done. They are true professionals in their field.”

T. Vaughan, '12 Porsche Panamera 4S

“Having recently driven home from a trip to Florida, my BMW was in dire need of attention.  The Driven team waster no time in making my truck look new again. They are polite and extremely talented at what they do.  I won’t be taking my BMW anywhere else.  Thank you”

M. Giulianna, '11 BMW X5 M
Coupes & Convertibles $1,400.00
Sedans & Crossovers $1,400.00
SUVs & Small Trucks $1,400.00
Oversized Vehicles $1,500.00